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I think I’m? All done? I just have to cut and style the wig and this one is all good to go!!

Doot doot doo doo!! I now have sleeve dealies!!

I think I just like being blue bloods bc lately it’s been a tough call between being equius or being vriska

I’m supposed to be doing homewooooooork ;A;

Makin sum toast buttons for my breakfast skirt, which isn’t really for cosplay, but oh well

Noot noot

I pinned in the zipper and wanted to see how the gold looked O.O I think it looks p good although the whole top part might need to be taken off and redone because it’s too poofy and I don’t like it much

This FRIKIN HEM it took me three hours or so without breaks and I wish I was exaggerating and my hands are cramping up and I don’t want to think about sewing for awhile

Ok so people asking for evidence that I can sew, I put together a sort of “cosplays I’ve made or come really close to finishing that i actually have pictures of as of march 29th 2014” collection. It has also made me realize that I’ve done a lot of stuff, but I’ve only 100% finished a few, and gotten good pictures (or any at all) of even less. So yeah, Merida (I should probable put the sleeves on that whoops), promstuck roxy dress, pre-timeskip Lucy, mom lalonde, canadatier rose, and post timeskip Lucy. They arent really in any particular order but there is a pretty obvious learning curve here and most of these I look like trash in, sorry *rolls away*

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I just need to get frustrated enough I cry a little (which I’m not far from) so when people ask how I made my dress I can 100% truthfully respond “blood and tears”